Fi En Sa No

Skiing tracks

Illuminated track, 10 km

The illuminated track is opened as soon as there is permanent snow on the ground, usually sometime in October or November. The tracks are moderate and are suitable for both classical and skating style of skiing. The track is lit at dusk and the lights are switched off at 22:00. This is the first trail opened after fresh snowfall and can be reached from all the central hotels or from Hetta Hiihtomaa.

Pahtajärvi track, about 18 km

The trail is best reached from the illuminated trail from either of the central hotels or from the school. The start of the Pahtajärvi trail begins about 2 km along. It is moderately-difficult during the earlier stages but becomes easier about mid way. There are two steep downhill sections on either side of Sissanki Hut. The hut is locked but it can be rented. (Contact the Fell Lapland Nature Centre) There is a lean-to shelter with fireplace at the mid-way point. The trail is stuitable for both classical and skating style of skiing and can be skied in either direction. This trail is the last to be cleared after snowfall.

The wind can bittely cold and blizzard conditions can quickly put an end to the unprepared skiers career. Make sure you are prepared before going out.